pro bono project #1

D. Ermelinda homemade jams | 2012

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The objective of this pro bono project is to make the design come to persons owning small businesses that most likely would never ask this type of service, so involving the least cost possible is the number one rule. As a pro bono project I set that each project would have a maximum duration of 6 hours for its development.
D. Ermelinda is one of lots of fruit sellers in the traditional market of Bolhão, in Oporto, Portugal that at some point started to produce homemade jams, and for that she asked some customers to bring her unused yogurt glass bottles. What captured my attention was the fact that she created a small cradle to cradle process, reducing in a small amount the glass waste.

I noticed that the jam bottles had no label, only a color paper with the flavor of the jam.

The pro bono project #1 was to design a label for the bottles, and the result is this.

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